Available Facilities

The Internet has become a necessity for every form of information that must flow. By means of the Internet, it is possible to reach out to the world beyond territorial waters and to share knowledge, research and innovations with an unlimited audience. There is a fully equipped modern resource centre which is staffed by able librarians who are ready to help the members. The resource centre offers laptops, desktop computers and tablet computers with Internet access and other resources. (To know other infrastructure, See here[hyperlink to Equipment page]). The systems can be used to search for the availability of books, read online journals, articles and research papers. In addition to reading, people can also share their work and ideas with the right audience. Some additional facilities in the Library Resource Centre are:

  • Basic Computer Skills training
  • Printing/Scanning/Photocopy
  • Online Form Filling and Download
  • Online Newsletter
  • Online Lectures/Videos
  • Tablet Support for Access
  • Projector Support